Animals live in horrifying conditions

and urgently need help

'The Zoo of Horrors'  (closed 2018)

Kampot Zoo (Teuk Chhou Waterfall Zoo) is about 10 km from the provincial town of

Kampot, Cambodia. The Zoo was established in 1999 and opened in 2000, and spans over 23 hectares.


In March 2011, the Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia's award winning newspaper, named Teuk Chhou Zoo the 'Zoo of Horrors'. The Post stated it "is a place where no one seems to care about how animals are treated, a place where animals are kept in cramped, roofless shelters and rely largely on food from tourists to survive" and at the end of the article "If the zoo management does not have the financial stability to maintain the facility and the animals in its care, then a high-level investigation must be undertaken by the government and drastic action is warranted."  Despite the article drawing international attention in 2011, no investigation or indeed attempt to change or inspect the facility has occurred and conditions have continued or even deteriorated.


Kiri and Seila, two elephants cared for by EARS Asia from 2012 - 2015, were housed at Teuk Chhou Zoo and were due to be traded to Hirakawa Zoo in Japan allegedly for two white tigers and two zebra. There was a successful international campaign to Stop the Trade

of these famous Cambodian elephants and keep them in their home range. 


The footage below was sent to Zoo Watch by tourists who visited Teuk Chhou Zoo showing the distressing state of the zoo between 2013 - 2015.

Kye Crow

Camp Camel Rescue, Australia

Kye's Report on Teuk Chhou Zoo


Kye has over 30 years experience working with animals and rehabilitating wildlife. She visited Teuk Chhou Zoo in January 2015.


Kye said it is "Truly devastating to witness animals kept in these conditions. They do not even have their most basic needs met of food, clean water, shelter and companionship, let alone an environment that nurtures and sustains well being. Its outrageous that any animal should live like this, let alone endangered species.


My hopes are that the animals are relocated to sanctuaries that will care for them and that this zoo is closed down."

These photos have been provided by Fiona Hardie and Christine Harman. They show the horrendous living conditions for the animals at Teuk Chhou Zoo and a lack of the most basic requirements for an animal living in a captive environment. Fiona and Christine reported the following:


  • A lack of staff at the zoo giving doubt to how often the animals are fed

  • There appeared to be no veterinary care on site for the sick, injured or what appeared to be dying animals they saw

  • There was no fresh water in any of the enclosures, only thick slimy stagnant water

  • 2 lion cubs, 1 tiger cub, 3 gibbons, and 1 sunbear were not at the zoo yet were previously photographed by visitors in 2014 and 2015.

  • No enrichment program in place allowing the animals stimulation and to encourage natural behaviours


  • Many of the cages are too small preventing natural physical activity

  • There is limited overhead shade or shelter from the heavy tropical rains or the scorching sun

  • There are limited public safety barriers for the visitors or the animals.

Adjutant - dead